Wednesday, January 13, 2010

" SIMPLY ABOUT ME........... "

         Adventurous... That's the 1st word that will come out from my mind when it comes to myself, 'Nur-turous'. I know,it's sound like a dinosaur species but it's a word that i mixed up that Adventure + Nur = Nurtoraus,coz im pretty much an adventure type of person. I like to challenge myself to a whole new things and push the limits of my boundaries,"Nothing is Impossible"

         I'm Committed in every aspect that i'm doing on. I address myself as a knife "No matter how thick the surface that it stabbing on,it won't careless until it reaches it goals" a fighter to be exact, what else????? hurmmm Outspoken YES! coz i aint goin to shut if i dislike you or something,that will hypocrite!!!

         Silly??? Yes!!! not that im crazy or what but most people who knows me says that way cause i like to entertain people,doesn't mean if i need to act silly to make them smile or laugh,see when people around us are happy we will felt happier than them. 

        I'm proud and Confident of myself, and i think all the young girls out there should be to,WHY?? Let me tell you why,be proud of who you are,never felt ashamed of what you have and what you don't have,you are of who you are and there's nobody can change that fact. Be confident and believe in yourself all the time..! There's nobody in this world that you could trust more than yourself,that what i've always told myself. 

         Passions??? too many too mention.........



                     Living in the world that we don't know when are we going to 'Leave' it,i say 'Screw the people who made you down,lives everyday like it was your last day,smile as it's your birthday as life meant to be fill joy,not sorrow'. Tell your friends and family how much you love them,appreciate every moment of it with your love ones,like i say before " Life are meant to be fill with joy not sorrow...."

"I'm a Hustler , i Hustle myself to Achieved my GOAL!!"